7 Best Masticating Juicers of 2020 – An Ultimate Review

Who does not love the refreshing flavor of home juices?

If you are someone who cares about the the health benefits of home juicing, you must know that the masticating juicers give the best results always. These juicers churn, squeeze and crush every last drop of juice from the toughest and the softest produces and that too with a slow process. The slow motor of a masticating juicer reduces the heat generation and keeps the nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes preserved, resulting in the healthiest of juices.

But, with so many different options available in the market, it is not easy to figure out that which masticating juicer is ideal for you. With this ultimate review, we have made the buying process easier for you by picking only the best of the best masticating juicers of 2020. This buying guide will give you a brief idea whether or not the masticating juicer is capable of fulfilling your needs.

Best Masticating Juicers Reviews

There is no doubt about the high functionality and demand of masticating juicers. The easy pulp removal and low heat generation of masticating juicers make them highly valuable to use.

Are you on a hunt of the best juicing machine to cater your juicing routine?

Below, we have briefly reviewed the top 7 most helpful masticating juicers. Here is a list of our top 7 picks!

1.   Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Masticating Dual-stage Juicer

With its versatile features and powerful motor, the Omega J8006 is one of the most popular masticating juicers. This is a perfect kitchen appliance which not only works as an ideal juicer but is also quite an efficient food processor. The Omega J8006 comes with an exceptional warranty of 15 years which is one more reason of the attractiveness of this product.

The Omega J8006 comes with an 80 RPM motor and works on a voltage of 110 volts. This juice extractor completely eliminates the issues of clogging and foaming while juicing.  The machine works on a dual juicing system and has an auto pulp ejector.


  • The slow speed motor helps in maintaining the healthy enzymes in the food while extracting juices. Without any degradation, the juices can be stored for 72 hours.
  • Regardless of the food items, you are juicing, the Omega J8006 gives the maximum yield of the juices; thanks to its dual stage juicing system.
  • The well-designed motor of the J8006 neither heats up nor produces noise while juicing.
  • The Omega J8006 juice extractor is quite easy to use and clean.
  • Has a pleasant chrome finish and adds decor to your kitchen.
  • Apart from leafy greens and pulpy fruits, the machine is capable of processing nuts into butter as well.

How to make espresso with Keurig?

Nowadays, almost every city, in every corner of the world knows what espresso is and where it comes from. Well, to be fair I don’t think they only know what it is, but also love it and are addicted to it. In western Europe almost, every person starts its day with an espresso. It helps to open up your eyes and go to work with enough energy and motivation for a new bright day.

For those of you who do not know what espresso is, this article will help not only about a brief description of it, but most importantly how to make an espresso with Keurig.

What is espresso?

The country which is the most famous about espresso, is Italy. They are famous of making the perfect espresso.

Espresso is a method of brewing coffee. There are many types of it, and different people prefer it in different ways.

How to make an espresso with Keurig?

How to make an espresso with Keurig

Cooking is an art and when you try cooking a meal, it needs the perfect amount of many ingredients to create a simple perfect plate, which will smell nice and taste good.

Espresso is no different from that. The smell of a good espresso will blow your mind forever. There are two ingredients which you need to make it. Its water and coffee.

In the perfect espresso cup, there are many factors which will impact the quality of it. First the water it shouldn’t be random, it should be right. High quality water. Secondly the coffee that you will use, it must fresh and also a good brand. Third and very important is the machine that you will use. One simple mistake and you may not want to try espresso anymore, as I told you is an art which should learned.

There are many coffee brands out there as also are many best coffee machines, but only few of them make the difference in the coffee quality and Keurig is one of them

1.Step One

Be sure that Keurig is filled with water and leave it hit the water enough to be ready to make coffee. Its needs the right temperature (200 Fahrenheit) in order to extract the ground particles from the coffee bean. (more…)

How to Clean Burr Grinder?

Who wouldn’t love a strong cup of coffee? Specifically a freshly brewed coffee at home by grinding coffee beans will attact anyone. The strong aroma and flavor would be too hard for anyone to resist. But, making coffee with coffee beans has its own disadvantage too. We will have to clean the coffee grinders. Isn’t cleaning becomes mandate when we invest money in buying a burr grinder? When we use the grinder daily, the reside might get deposited and spoil the motor. To avoid this, we should definitely follow a cleaning regime. Deep cleaning the grinder on a daily basic will be difficult for many of us to accommodate in a daily schedule. Also. It’s not really necessary to deep clean the burr grinder on a daily basic.

How to Clean Burr Grinder?

Clean Burr Grinder

We should deep clean the burr grinder once in 3 to 4 months and do dusting off the excess residues on a daily basis. Let’s see the methods to clean the burr grinder in detail below. (more…)

How To Descale Espresso Machine? | The Do’s & Don’ts

The operational theory of espresso machine can seem quite simple up front. But, practically, these machines have intricate systems that only the products’ manufacturers can guide you in how to get the most from them. And, yes, there are standard ways of handling espresso machines, most of which you could have learned from your parents or guardians. But, not all of these could be the correct way, especially when it comes to how to descale espresso machines.

Note that you cannot descale your espresso machine as you do with your drip or automatic espresso coffee makers. So, here are a few do’s to learn and don’ts to avoid:

The Do’s

Keeping Scale Buildup from the Flow Restrictors

Irrespective of the descaling agent that you use, it is imperative that you keep the scale from building up on the espresso’s flow meters. These holes are so tiny that any scale buildup will reduce flow velocity of water that blasts espresso grounds to infuse the coffee instantly. So, any scale that clogs these meters will affect the pressure that the espresso machine requires to create high-quality espresso coffee.

Using Natural Compounds

Two of the best natural compounds to use for descaling your espresso machines is citric acid and vinegar. Ideally, that is because they have the right acidic pH to clean off the scale. Moreover, you will never have to worry whether it will be safe to use the espresso machine immediately after the descaling process. You, however, should follow your manufacturer’s guidelines to know when and how to descale espresso machines using these natural descaling agents.

The Don’ts


Using a scrubber to clean off the scale buildup can easily deface the inside of your espresso machine. Worse still, using hard or sharp objects can create scratches on your espresso machine. That can cause the material elements of the machine to mix up with your espresso coffee should they have remained in the machine during cleaning. (more…)

The Top 5 Espresso Machines for the Season

Coffee lovers also love espresso and giving the gift of an espresso machine is a great way to give a lasting gift that they’re sure to love and use for a long time to come! In the spirit of the season, here are the Top 5 espresso machines on the market today:

Krups XP5080

This is a programmable espresso machine that allows for preselection of size and strength of the brewing batch, as well as an internal thermostat to make sure every cup is the perfect temperature.

  • Illuminated Controls
  • Large cushioned selector for espresso or steam
  • Programmable volumes for custom batches
  • Electronic thermostat for the perfect temperature
  • Accepts ground coffee and pods
  • Removable oversized water tank
  • Cup warming tray
  • 1200 Watts of power
  • Incredible construction for a lifetime of use

Krups 872

Krups 872

Created for latte lovers and coffee lovers alike, the Krups 872 brews up to four shots of espresso at a time. It comes with a four-cup glass carafe and an adaptor that allows brewing directly into two separate cups. Ideal for the latte or espresso lover that has to have it quick or craves that second cup of warm goodness.

  • Lightweight construction, ideal for everything
  • Perfect Froth attachment for cappuccino
  • Instantly switch between espresso and frothing action
  • Four cup glass carafe


Why Coffee is Better than Energy Drinks?

Now that there are so many different types of energy drinks available, many people wonder whether they are better chugging down an energy drink or sipping a steaming cup of coffee. When comparing the two different drinks it is important to take into consideration that they are vastly different, even though both can provide you with an energy boost. The primary difference between coffee and energy drinks lie in caffeine levels, health benefits and the enjoyment that is related to drinking each.

Caffeine Levels

When comparing coffee and energy drinks it must not be overlooked that energy drinks contain far larger amounts of caffeine than coffee. If you check the serving size of an energy drink you will find that you will typically receive far more caffeine in a single serving energy drink that you will receive in a cup of coffee. While caffeine can provide numerous health benefits when consumed in moderation, it is not a good idea to consume massive amounts of caffeine. When drank in large amounts, caffeine can dehydrate, increase your heart rate, raise your blood pressure and prevent your brain from receiving a sufficient amount of oxygen.

Caffeine Levels

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that coffee contains a number of health benefits, including the ability to provide protection from such diseases as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and certain types of cancer. This is due to the antioxidants that are contained in coffee. The only benefit that energy drinks provide is a heart pounding energy rush that quickly subsides.  (more…)

The Health Benefits of Coffee

People around the world love to begin their mornings with coffee as well as enjoy an afternoon boost with a good cup of java. For many years, there have been concerns regarding the health risks associated with drinking excess coffee. There has also been research conducted which indicate that there might actually be health benefits associated with drinking coffee as well. Before you toss out your coffeemaker, consider for a moment that a steaming cup of coffee or espresso may be able to reduce your risk of cancer, aide your digestion, assist with asthma and give your workout a kick start.

Antioxidant Benefits of Coffee

Although they may not be aware of it, millions of people around the world receive mega doses of antioxidants from their coffee than from any other source. While many people think of fruits and vegetables as being high in antioxidants, coffee has been shown to provide an excellent source of antioxidant levels as well. High antioxidant levels have been linked to numerous health benefits, including providing protection from type 2 diabetes, colon and liver cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

Asthma Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is also known to help individuals who suffer from asthma better control their breathing and asthma symptoms. The caffeine in coffee is able to reduce the constriction of airways in individuals who suffer from asthma. This is the reason that strong black coffee is often relied upon as a rapid first-aid measure to treat an asthma attack when traditional medication and medical assistance are not readily available.  (more…)

The Growing Popularity of Single Cup Coffee Makers

Over the last decade or so, gourmet coffees have become increasingly popular. Buying a gourmet drink from a local barista is a purchase most everyone makes every day. In the last few years, single cup coffee makers have been purchased by hundreds of thousands of individuals eager to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the comfort of their home, at a reasonable price.

A Large Selection of flavors

As an alternative to brewing 10 to 12 cups of coffee at a time, coffee makers that produce a single cup allow connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers the ability to choose their own flavor every time. Coffee manufacturers offer a large variety of flavors and other gourmet drinks. Every coffee lover enjoys the idea of never drinking stale coffee again.

A Quick Brewing Cycle

Single cup coffee makers

Single cup coffee makers use capsules, pods or small containers filled with a large assortment of coffee flavors and other gourmet beverages. Every user can select the kind of coffee they desire, and have it instantly brewed in just a minute or two. The device always produces a beverage that is piping hot, and quickly brewed to perfection. (more…)

Reusable K-Cup Filters Are Sound Economical Choice and Good for Environment

As a way to help the environment, and save money, avid coffee drinkers are seeing the benefits of using a reusable K-cup filter. This effective filter allows coffee connoisseurs to choose from a larger selection of beans to provide a variety of tastes while saving money. Designed to brew one cup of coffee at a time, the K-cup filter allows the coffee drinker the option of using their favorite gourmet coffee bean brand, in their brewer.

As a way to select from a huge array of choices and selections, the K-cup filter provides options that were not previously available. Producing less waste than the traditional disposable plastic containers, this new eco-friendly filter reduces its environmental impact and helps the planet. This minimal investment in convenience pays off huge by providing exceptional quality and flavor.

Coffee without the Mess

The durable and reusable filter system uses no messy paper filters or plastic cups. For the environmentally concerned individual, it truly produces a “green” cup of coffee. Once the coffee is brewed, the durable filter cleans easily with a simple rinse and is available for reuse. This saves both your time and the environment. (more…)

How Does Caffeine Work? The Lowdown on Caffeine

For us coffee enthusiasts, caffeine has been a large part of our lives whether we want it to or not. With that in mind, it’s prudent we know as much as we can about it. That’s why today we put all those myths to rest with facts.

By now, you probably know that caffeine has been credited as the active stimulant in coffee. So where exactly does it come from? Caffeine is naturally produced by plants such as coffee beans, guarana, cacao beans, tea among others. It serves to protect the plant from insects by paralyzing or killing them. Luckily on us, the effect is totally different. Caffeine is responsible for lack of sleep that comes after taking a big cup of coffee. On top of that, caffeine in moderate amounts is known to improve mental ability, memory, reaction times as well as sharpen reasoning skills. Caffeine has also been known to reduce the risk of type II diabetes.

How does Caffeine work?

How does Caffeine work

Let’s start off by looking at how our brain our works. The human brain is made of millions of neurons that transmit pulses which are then relayed as information. As your neurons work through the day, a neurochemical called adenosine builds up in the body as a byproduct. This chemical is closely monitored by your nervous system via receptors. As adenosine passes through the receptors throughout the day, the nervous system starts slowing down cell activity thus inducing sleep in a bid to avoid toxic levels of the chemical in the body. (more…)