The Health Benefits of Coffee

People around the world love to begin their mornings with coffee as well as enjoy an afternoon boost with a good cup of java. For many years, there have been concerns regarding the health risks associated with drinking excess coffee. There has also been research conducted which indicate that there might actually be health benefits associated with drinking coffee as well. Before you toss out your coffeemaker, consider for a moment that a steaming cup of coffee or espresso may be able to reduce your risk of cancer, aide your digestion, assist with asthma and give your workout a kick start.

Antioxidant Benefits of Coffee

Although they may not be aware of it, millions of people around the world receive mega doses of antioxidants from their coffee than from any other source. While many people think of fruits and vegetables as being high in antioxidants, coffee has been shown to provide an excellent source of antioxidant levels as well. High antioxidant levels have been linked to numerous health benefits, including providing protection from type 2 diabetes, colon and liver cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

Asthma Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is also known to help individuals who suffer from asthma better control their breathing and asthma symptoms. The caffeine in coffee is able to reduce the constriction of airways in individuals who suffer from asthma. This is the reason that strong black coffee is often relied upon as a rapid first-aid measure to treat an asthma attack when traditional medication and medical assistance are not readily available. 

Digestive Benefits of Coffee

There is also evidence that suggests that drinking coffee and espresso may also reduce your risk of developing gallstones and kidney stones. It is believed that coffee is able to provide this benefit due to the fact that caffeine actually increases stomach acid secretion, which can assist in healthy digestion. To receive the best digestive benefits, decaffeinated coffee should not be substituted for caffeinated coffee; although it is wise not to drink it excessively.

Kick Start your Athletic Workout

Research has also been conducted that indicates that drinking coffee could actually increase your athletic performance by as much as 45 minutes. Once again, this benefit of coffee is linked to the caffeine that is present in this much loved drink. According to studies, caffeine is able to improve the amount of time it takes to reach exhaustion as well as boost the consumption of oxygen during exercise.


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