Over the last decade or so, gourmet coffees have become increasingly popular. Buying a gourmet drink from a local barista is a purchase most everyone makes every day. In the last few years, single cup coffee makers have been purchased by hundreds of thousands of individuals eager to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the comfort of their home, at a reasonable price.

A Large Selection of flavors

As an alternative to brewing 10 to 12 cups of coffee at a time, coffee makers that produce a single cup allow connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers the ability to choose their own flavor every time. Coffee manufacturers offer a large variety of flavors and other gourmet drinks. Every coffee lover enjoys the idea of never drinking stale coffee again.

A Quick Brewing Cycle

Single cup coffee makers

Single cup coffee makers use capsules, pods or small containers filled with a large assortment of coffee flavors and other gourmet beverages. Every user can select the kind of coffee they desire, and have it instantly brewed in just a minute or two. The device always produces a beverage that is piping hot, and quickly brewed to perfection. (more…)