How to Clean Burr Grinder?

Who wouldn’t love a strong cup of coffee? Specifically a freshly brewed coffee at home by grinding coffee beans will attact anyone. The strong aroma and flavor would be too hard for anyone to resist. But, making coffee with coffee beans has its own disadvantage too. We will have to clean the coffee grinders. Isn’t cleaning becomes mandate when we invest money in buying a burr grinder? When we use the grinder daily, the reside might get deposited and spoil the motor. To avoid this, we should definitely follow a cleaning regime. Deep cleaning the grinder on a daily basic will be difficult for many of us to accommodate in a daily schedule. Also. It’s not really necessary to deep clean the burr grinder on a daily basic.

How to Clean Burr Grinder?

Clean Burr Grinder

We should deep clean the burr grinder once in 3 to 4 months and do dusting off the excess residues on a daily basis. Let’s see the methods to clean the burr grinder in detail below.

Mothod 1: Mild Cleaning Using Rice

The simplest way to clean the burr grinder is to use rice. The normal hard rice would definitely harm the burr grinder. The inexpensive burr grinder available in the market could not withstand grinding the hard rice. So, we could use the Minute Rice instead. The minute rice is already pre-cooked rice. They are dehydrated and sold as instant rice. These are not that hard and could be easily broken off with our fingers.

  1. Take 3 tea spoons of minute rice in the grinder chamber.
  2. You need not move the setting till coarse but anywhere in between.
  3. Keep the cup setting to anywhere between 6 and 8. This will ensure that all the rice is thoroughly grounded.
  4. Switch on the grinder. Once everything is grounded, switch it off and you could see that black residues are collected in the jar

This is one of the easiest ways to clean off the left over coffee residues from the burr grinder. It is necessary to keep in mind that this method wouldn’t clean the burr grinder completely.

Method 2: Deep cleaning

It is mandate to do deep cleaning once in 3 to 4 months. This would make sure that no residues are deposited on the motor. This will also in turn increase the longevity of the burr grinder. Please follow the instuctions mentioned below to perform deep cleaning.

  1. You can use method 1 to remove the left over residue. This is not a mandate step. If you are not comfortable to use rice, then you could just proceed to step 2.
  2. Please turn off the grinder.
  3. You need to remove the grind chamber from its place. You can clean inside of the grind chamber using any soft paint brush which you could easily get from hardware store. You can use any microfiber towel to clean it as well. Make sure to clean off all the coffee and oild residues from the grinder chamber. If you are unable to remove the residues completely, you can use little amount of water or mild soap to clean it. But please make sure to dry off the grinder completely before assembling it again. Please remove the hopper as well and make sure to remove the residues using the same brush or microfiber towel
  4. Please remove the outer burr. Make sure to refer to the user manual if you are not sure of how to remove it. Use the baby toothbrush and clean both the burrs. Make sure to brush off the residues deposited on those. Make sure to use baby toothbrush only. Those will have soft bristles and also will be quite small to clean those areas without much difficulty
  5. Once you are sure that everything has been cleaned well, you can go ahead and assemble the burr grinder. If you have used water for cleaning in step 3, make sure that it is dried off properly before assembling.
  6. After assembling, grind a small amount of coffee beans. This will form a thin coating and it would prevent any rust formation in the grinder.

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