How to make espresso with Keurig?

Nowadays, almost every city, in every corner of the world knows what espresso is and where it comes from. Well, to be fair I don’t think they only know what it is, but also love it and are addicted to it. In western Europe almost, every person starts its day with an espresso. It helps to open up your eyes and go to work with enough energy and motivation for a new bright day.

For those of you who do not know what espresso is, this article will help not only about a brief description of it, but most importantly how to make an espresso with Keurig.

What is espresso?

The country which is the most famous about espresso, is Italy. They are famous of making the perfect espresso.

Espresso is a method of brewing coffee. There are many types of it, and different people prefer it in different ways.

How to make an espresso with Keurig?

How to make an espresso with Keurig

Cooking is an art and when you try cooking a meal, it needs the perfect amount of many ingredients to create a simple perfect plate, which will smell nice and taste good.

Espresso is no different from that. The smell of a good espresso will blow your mind forever. There are two ingredients which you need to make it. Its water and coffee.

In the perfect espresso cup, there are many factors which will impact the quality of it. First the water it shouldn’t be random, it should be right. High quality water. Secondly the coffee that you will use, it must fresh and also a good brand. Third and very important is the machine that you will use. One simple mistake and you may not want to try espresso anymore, as I told you is an art which should learned.

There are many coffee brands out there as also are many best coffee machines, but only few of them make the difference in the coffee quality and Keurig is one of them

1.Step One

Be sure that Keurig is filled with water and leave it hit the water enough to be ready to make coffee. Its needs the right temperature (200 Fahrenheit) in order to extract the ground particles from the coffee bean.

2.Step Two

In order to make a cup of espresso you will need firstly to brew your coffee beans. This process is made by a portafilter. Before brewing clean the portafilter with a dry microfiber cloth, otherwise the coffee beans can not be used.

The amount of the coffee beans that you put in the portafilter with the grind output you receive is one to two. Meaning 7 grams of coffee beans for 14 grams of grinded coffee. Also, the level of grinded should is dependable from you.

3.Step Three

When your Keurig is filled with water and the water has the right temperature, which the machine will show it itself. Also, you have already brewed your coffee in the portafilter, it is time to put the portafilter back again in Keurig and turn on the machine.

4.Step Four

Now it is time to turn on the timer and wait for the coffee to come out. Timer it is optional, meaning you can time it as you wish, after trying it a couple of times you can find the right timer for your coffee. Still if a strong espresso is what you need, then the perfect amount of time is between 25 to 35 seconds.

The volume of the espresso depends on you. If you want a short espresso just turn the machine off and try your first espresso.


I hope that this information shared in this article will help you out in your espresso make journey. Probably you will have to try it in different ways and time durations, until you find the espresso that will taste best for you.

However, making espresso with Keurig should ne learned with this easy step by step guide so you can understand every detail and instruction of it. Even though I am pretty sure you will master it very fast and taste the art making an espresso every morning form now on.

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